Just a ticking machine…

Have you ever wonder the amount of influence time has in our lives? It is basically what controls the main part of the things we do. At what time we meet someone, at what time we go to sleep, wake up, turn something in, eat, etc. But what for? Imagine all the things we don’t do because of the time it is? We don’t even consider if we are tired, or up to it, if it’s late, we just wont do it. It shouldn’t be that way. We should do the things we want to do whenever we feel like it, and time is just an obstacle. It’s not even real. It’s a man-made creation to keep control. From know on you should just o things because you feel like it, no because of what the small plastic band in your wrist is telling you. Don’t wear your internal clock fore once, and see how things go. Live the moment.



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2 responses to “Just a ticking machine…

  1. Tan V

    dvrdd no sabes lo q m hicieron pensar tus entries stoi rayada d q haya alguien q escriba y piense asi dvrdd te admiro eres mi maximo total, y plis avisame cndo pongas nuevas pq dvrdd las kiero leer. puede ser q no paresca pero sabes q estas cosas m interesan muchisimo.

  2. mars

    you are absolutely right, time is a constant influence in our lives; we measure our lives with it. sometimes it doesn’t matter how you lived (an extreme life, filled with knowledge and experiences) it matters the most how much time you lived. have you ever seen a world record saying “the man with the most interesting life”, not quite; it’s always “the man who lived 120 years” and bullshit. I say it’s better to live a crazy life, being an extreme jackass, breaking every single bone, having fun and making the most outta every single moment. because what makes a life is not the time you lived but how you lived it… “we’re always getting ready to live, but never living” (Emerson). fuck time, forget clocks and watches. create a rhythm outta the ticking noise, make it yours! 🙂

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