New Decade

If you constantly have positive thoughts and ideas, your life will be better. You bring the good things upon yourself. It’s all about the mind. It is more powerful than what we realize, and not as easy to control as we like to think. Even though it seems we control every thing we say, touch, move, etc. our mind is always ahead of us. Think about it. Do you tell your mind to “turn the light bulb” every time you want light, or does your hand move without your warning? Do you think about every step you take? Every thing you do? Every thing you say? I don’t know about you, but I know that I have done many things, and said many things I didn’t think through. My mind got ahead of me. I couldn’t choose. Some things have turned out right, but others are desasters.

The point is, if our mind is making all this choices for us, then would the choices be better if all we send out to our mind would be positive? It would only get good ideas, positive ideas, so most likely the actions would be harmless, therefore our life would be better.  Being happy isn’t as hard as it seems. The only thing we have to do is tell it to our mind. Outsmart it for once. Be ahead of your own game.


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  1. Athos

    our mind is here to help, great thinking this way

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