Music Therapy

I was just reading an article on music theory, and it really caught my attention. I have always used music as a tool for solving my problems, or at least forgetting them, but I didn’t know it was a real career. Music doesn’t only work psychological, but physically as well. Research shows how it has improves heart conditions, as well as epilepsy. Some people might not believe it actually works, but think about it. There is nothing like feeling music. Not just listening to music, but music coming inside you, moving you, possessing you. Not many people can get this sensation, and if you can, you are one of the lucky ones. We don’t see the greatest things in life, we feel them, and there is nothing like feeling music. That’s why you close your eyes when you listen to a really great song, it just happens. You don’t control it. Music travels through your entire body. It floods your muscles and bones with rhythms and melodies, So why wouldn’t it cure you. There is nothing like music, like sound. No movie would be the same without music. It creates most of the emotion in a movie. We wouldn’t cry if a song wasn’t playing on the background, or feels scared, or inspired. We don’t even realize how much impact sound really as in our life, but it affects every part of our lives.



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2 responses to “Music Therapy

  1. Athos

    that explains everything, reason because i’m addicted to music

  2. I never really thought about that. I suppose it’s why I find it much easier to fall asleep with my iPod on loudspeaker beside my bed, because in silence I just find it much harder to focus on sleeping, whereas with music it just comes naturally, I close my eyes, listen and it all takes over from there.

    I was never big into music up until 3-4 years ago and I got my first MP3 player (a Creative Zen), but now, I can’t imagine my life without it.

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