Thousands of Perspectives

Each pair of eyes in the world looks at the same thing in a different, unique way. How can we know our perception of yellow is the same as the one of everyone in the world? We were trained that “that” was yellow, and that “this” was blue, but maybe our blue is someone elses yellow. From the way two friends tell a story they both experienced, or two brothers narrating their upbringing, non will ever be the same. In some ways, our perspective defines our personality. Think about it, according to the things we see, we formulate opinions, so if we were to look at things differently, our opinions would change.

If this is so, then how come so many personalities are the same? Could it be that there is some sort of filter changing peoples perspectives? Some sort of influential force, making it all the same, like a pair of glasses. Media, other people, you name it.


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  1. Nicola

    Great post, really interesting.

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