Catching the Words

Sometimes I feel I shouldn’t say something, but I always end up saying it, and I always regret it. In the past few days I have tried to hold my feelings in as much as I could, but it is too hard. Recent events have made me wonder whether I’ll always have the opportunity to say the things I want to say. But what if the things I want to say will only end up hurting me, and other people. If I say what I want to say I will hurt myself, hurt others, and will loose friends. I have had many experiences in which I end up saying these things, and I always regret it, which is why it won’t happen again. I have to shield myself from things that will hurt me. I try to be honest, because I believe that if I am honest, people will take into account the things I say. If I am honest people can understand me better and maybe give me a chance, but what if it is just the opposite? At these moments it is hard to choose what to do. I have never been a good speaker. Even if I plan what I want to say, I screw thinks up. Things are too stressful the way they are, so why do I want to add more stress to my life? Should I simply keep my thoughts to myself , or should I simply let go?


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