Balance Check

It is important to be aware of what really matters in your life, and what you really need. To know the people who surround you, and be able to perceive them as someone you need, someone good for you, someone fun, or simply someone that is hurting you and causing you trouble. Once you have this figured out, things can get a lot easier. You might believe someone is good for you, and cares about you, but in context, this might not be the case. Each person you know should contribute something different to your life. If all this things they are constantly transmitting into your brain, and all the ideas they are sharing with you are things you agree with, then that’s great. But if all they say are things that make you angry, or upset, even though you have fun with them, then what’s the point in keeping them in your life? Everyone you know has a bigger influence on you than what you might expect. They are a part of you, whether you like it or not.



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