Revealing the Size of Negativism

The negative things in life are like a fly. It is so small, yet so unholy. Even though you can barely see the fly, and it doesn’t even occupy 1/1000 of the space we do, it bothers us a lot. It is frustrating to have a fly flying all over your space. The awful noise it produces makes it really hard for us to concentrate in anything but the fly. The same thing happens with negative things. They are so small, and so insignificant, but it is as if we view them through a microscope, and we turn them into something much more bigger than what they really are. All we need to do is to tell the fly to go away, to leave us alone. Hell, kill the fly if it is necessary. Don’t let it mess with your mind.


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One response to “Revealing the Size of Negativism

  1. Cherbabas

    Excelente. Nice metaphor.

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