Critiquing Art

Even though well-known art museums are known for having the best selections of art, that doesn’t mean the art is necessarily good. Each person can formulate their own opinion on what they see, but it is as if a piece is in a museum, you are supposed to automatically like it. Frankly, in general things in art museums are pretty good, but at times, I can’t understand what a piece is doing there. I try to find the meaning and the purpose for it being there, just because something in me feels like I have to like it. For example, what’s up with modern art? Modern art used to be revolutionary, creative, different, but now modern art is simply a coke can, or an uneven line. There is nothing more upsetting than going to a museum, expecting to be blow away, and finding out that the newest collection and exhibition are coke cans cut out in different ways.  One shouldn’t feel obligated to like something just because the best art critiques say it is amazing. Sorry, but as hard as I try to find out what is so amazing about a piece of paper scrambled into a ball, I simply can’t see it. Don’t get me wrong, there are many revolutionary artists now, but why aren’t the pieces of Anthony Zinonos featured in the MoMa, while a vintage coke can is?


Anthony Zinonos Art

Anthony Zinonos art


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