Mindless Reason

As I tried to go to sleep last night, I found myself staring at the ceiling wondering about some of the problems I have, and I entered a pathway which I later found had no end. A mind boggling question. Are we the way we are, and act the way we act, because that is really us inside, or is it because we are jealous of other people and that is the way we differentiate ourselves because we are not accepted? why do we always have to criticize someone? Everyone does it EVERYONE. Is it really the way we are, or are we simply that hypocritical? We are all hypocrites. I have found myself in many situations in which I was a hypocrite, but when you find out the person you identified with the most  is also a hypocrite, what can we do? I was stumped, buried in piles of dirt and a feeling of anger and frustration stronger than anything I have ever felt arose. Will I ever be satisfied, or am I only looking for excuses?  How can you make someone understand what you feel? How do you know they won’t change their minds? How can you know anything? You will get no answered unless you ask them, but that’s were the hard part comes in. I wish I could dare.


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  1. Cherbabas

    Me gusta que tu titulo es un oxymoron. Tambien claro me gusta mucho lo que escribes y estoy de acuerdo siempre con lo que dices Ari.

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