Pop it

I believe the worse possible feeling  anyone can feel, or at least I, is feeling ordinary. feeling like you’re just one of the many ants beneath the ground. the sensation it provokes on me is that of annoyance and depression. It is definitely the worse feeling.  To lose all creativity and fade behind a window of possibilities. To feel uncreative and typical. As I’ve mentioned before, I think the world or at least communities are filled with clones. who ever said cloning is impossible? we witness it everyday. it couldn’t be any clearer. Imagine what an even more amazing place could be the world if every single person out of the was completely different. A neat experiment could be to lock or isolate around 100 people, since the day they are born….each one apart from the other. in about 15 year you check on on each one of them, and all of them would be different. they wouldn’t be corrupted by society or by each other. Simply let you mind wonder. for once do all the things you want to do, don’t be scared. BEING AFRAID BLOCKS YOUR CREATIVITY!

(thanks for the support and inspirational phrases) THE NILE

don't fall down...

spin spin spin...follow along


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