Taking fakness to a whole new level

About a moth ago, I went to a Kings of Leon concert in Mexico City. I’d been dying to watch them live for a long time, and when I found out they were coming to Mexico I was overwhelmed. As the day of the concert came closer and closer, I realized that the audience was going to be composed mostly of kids who pretend to be hardcore and cool, but in reality only know “sex on fire”. When the day finally came, it turns out I was right. I found myself surrounded by the phonies I have so much hate for. I could tell by the way they dressed, the way girls wore make-up and 10-inch heels.

Apart from that, the concert was still amazing. They played mostly old songs, which I like the most. The best part was that none of the so called fans knew them except for a few true ones.

I had an epiphany about the importance of a single song. “Sex on Fire” transformed Kings of Leon from the long-haired rock-stars into just another typical band. What happened to songs like “Red Morning Light”, or “King of the Rodeo”? Where did caleb’s unique “redneck/southern/undefined voice” go? I hate to think of one of my favorite bands of all times as the entertainment for posers.

Kings of Leon at Mexico City


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